Always providing the best possible services and products

ANCO Manufacturing

ANCO Manufacturing PTY Ltd

We are a South African Manufacturing company with roots going back three generations. ANCO has made a name for itself as a leader in quality innovative products in the Fire-fighting and Agricultural manufacturing industries.

We offer products and services not only related to fire fighting, but to a wide range of industries with products designed and tested in the harsh African conditions, yet ready for global use.

What we offer:

  • Fire-fighting Skid Units / Bakkie Sakkies
  • Specialised Fire Fighting Vehicles / Trucks
  • Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
  • Fire-fighting  pumps and equipment
  • Fire Hoses / Fittings / Couplings / Nozzles
  • Mechanised & Semi-mechanised Silviculture equipment
  • Specialised steel & metal fabrication
  • CNC Laser and Plasma profile cutting

Company Profile:

ANCO Manufacturing is considered a leader in the design and manufacturing of dedicated fire fighting vehicles. The company also specializes in supplying related equipment, parts, steel and industrial supplies to a wide variety of customers across a wide spectrum of industry. With a dedicated staff compliment, the company prides itself in being a responsible employer supporting and recognizing the involvement in and the dependency on the local community.

ANCO Manufacturing will remain a humble yet dedicated and passionate industrial manufacturer and the current management team will endeavour to remember the past while looking to the future with determination and focus to further develop the full potential of the company and its people.

Vision Statement:

We envision being the leading supplier of products and services in the market against which all other role players will be benchmarked.

Mission Statement:

In our everyday dealings with each other, our customers and suppliers, we will endeavor to work towards our vision by:

Always providing the best possible services and products.

Exceeding customer expectations through our commitment to top class service, continued product development and innovation.

Cherish and nurture relationships between ourselves, our customers and our suppliers.

Continuously challenging ourselves to create and maintain a performance driven environment in which we all will excel.

Being committed to ethical and honest business practises.

Remembering the passion and drive that started us on our journey.

Building and maintaining a legacy to ensure a sustainable platform for those that come after us.