ANCO Design Philosophy

ANCO Manufacturing Fire Truck Design

All ANCO Manufacturing fire-fighting vehicle designs are based on the latest fire-fighting specifications where vehicles are equipped with robust yet efficient fire-fighting capabilities. Our designs have been tested in harsh African conditions with our focus being on Forestry, Wild Fire and Industrial applications. Our designs are based on simpler yet efficient concepts, using components and parts that are commercially available. Although we offer imported pump and pump-drive options, our core designs for example, make use of simpler, industrial pumps and components resulting in a significant cost saving while offering workable solutions that are tried and tested.

Computer aided design software allows ANCO Manufacturing to optimise designs to ensure cost effective and robust products that are well suited to the harsh operating conditions our products will face over a life time.

A modular design on some of our latest models allows the Crew Cab (when required), tanks & storage section and rear discharge manifold to be manufactured in separate modules. This allows for easier access and removal when repairs are required and also reduces material stresses when the body flexes with the chassis during off-road conditions.

All wet-end sections are designed in order that the total all-up weight of the vehicle does not exceed 90% of the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass. This is to allow the vehicle sufficient off-road capability when fully loaded with water, equipment and crew.

A culture of continuous improvement have led to our willingness to listen to each customer’s needs when designing and building vehicles and equipment to be fit for purpose and offering the best possible value for money.

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